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Acne Scars

Acne scars are the most unpleasant reminders of acne, past and present. They are much more difficult to treat than acne and are caused by the nodular and cystic acne as they heal over a long period of time and with formation of scar tissue.


Acne scars can be raised (hypertrophic) or depressed (atrophic) and the latter can be described as ice pick scars, box scars and rolling scars.

  • Ice-pick scarring looks like very small holes in the skin, but they are difficult to treat because they are quite deep.

  • Box scars are elongated or oval and look like tears in the skin but are shallower or saucer shaped.

  • Rolling scars give an undulating wavy appearance.


Whatever the form, acne scars are associated with a lot of emotional trauma and loss of confidence in young people and it should be the primary concern of a doctor treating acne to prevent scarring as far as possible and in the event of scars, to treat them aggressively.



Treatments -


Acne Marks

are the flat, brownish marks left behind by moderate acne.
They are a kind of PIH ( Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, which  can be improved with the help pf topicam medications and regular skin care

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