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1. Mesotherapy for hair fall
It is technique to deliver active substances into the scalp to control hair fall and stimulate hair growth.
Variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and supplements are administered into the scalp as per the indication.
2. Peptide Therapy
Peptides are bio-mimetic synthesised hair-growth formulations. Products are developed according to naturally occurring proteins found in the body and especially those that have an important impact on hair growth. Containing more than 30 skin conditioning ingredients including vitamins and plant extracts, our peptide complexes promote healthy hair growth. They penetrate deep into the follicle to stimulate the blood supply and provide nutrients that revitalise the follicles to create optimum conditions for growth of strong, new hair.
3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Stem Cell Therapy


PRP is an outstanding technique where growth factors from your own blood are used to promote hair growth and arrest the hair in the anagen (growing phase) preventing them from falling.

What is PRP Therapy for hair growth?

This technique utilizes growth factors from platelet rich plasma which derived from the patient’s own blood (as little as two spoonfuls ). Platelet rich plasma contains a very high content of growth factors which help heal injured tissues. The administration of PRP into the skin stimulates the underlying hair follicles stimulating them to promote hair growth.
How is the procedure performed?

The patient’s own blood (about two teaspoons) is drawn from the patient’s arm. Then the blood is centrifuged and the platelet rich plasma is isolated from the blood which takes around 10-15 minutes in the office. 

  • This is then applied on the scalp and is delivered through the epidermis with the help of syringes or a microneedling device like a derma-roller. These stimulate the underlying hair follicles to cause new hair growth and stop the hair from falling. 
​How often can i get this treatment done?
There should be a minimum gap for 3 weeks between two PRP sessions
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