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    Painless Hair Removal
 Face and Body hair can be a constant source of uneasiness for men and women. Most of the conventional hair removal methods such as waxing, plucking or threading are mostly painful and time consuming without long-lasting results. Since constant maintenance is not easy, most of the people prefer permanent hair reduction. Our laser utilizes 808 diode laser system and offers highly effective solution leading to permanent hair reduction. 

Permanent hair reduction not only brings about a new confidence but also saves you from the hassle of hair removal in the midst of a busy schedule or traveling.
With the state of the art DIODE LASER 808 wavelength , results are visible and guranteed.
Which areas can be treated for hair reduction ?
Hair removal in any of the areas, big or small, e.g. face, neck, chest, back, underarms, and bikini line can be achieved effectively. Laser has shown great results in treating dark hair (brown/black) and hence extremely suitable for most of the Indian skin types. Laser does not work on blonde / bleached/ white hair.


How does laser hair reduction work ?

Laser hair removal technique works on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This in simple words means that the laser energy selectively heats up the hair follicle without heating rest of the skin. When heat is absorbed by the melanin (the substance responsible for imparting the black colour to the hair)inside the hair, it is directed towards the germ cells in order to inactivate them from growing hair. Surface of the skin is kept cool in order to minimize the discomfort for the patient. 


What is the procedure?

The area to be treated is first cleaned . Then the same area is shaved.A cool jelly is applied on the targeted area. Laser light would be used and once it penetrates the hair follicle, heat generated would deactivate the hair growth.Only mild heat and slight pricking of the hair is felt.
With the advance sapphire jet cooling system , chances of any burn or increased heat are very very remote.

What should I expect after the procedure?

  • Some skin redness or mild swelling can be noted after the procedure but this usually resolves within two to three days. 
  • After treatment, hair might shed in about two to three weeks and these hair should be allowed to fall on their own rather than pulling them. Pulling hair at this stage can reduce the efficacy of treatment. 


How many sessions are usually required?

Hair growth happens in phases and any laser can only act on the actively growing stage of hair follicles. Since all the follicles are not active at same time, several sessions might be needed to be able to destroy hair in variety of growth phases and thus achieve desired results. 


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