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Excess of melanin (pigment) deposition is always undesirable and the need to treat it immediately arises. Pigmentation can be superficial- restricted to the epidermis (brown) or deep – Dermal (blue-black). These conditions are usually unrelated to our well being but aesthetically are a cause of great concern.

Pigmentation can occur for a number of reasons:

• Melasma which is usually hormonal

• Post pregnancy

• Excessive exposure to sunlight – Sun spots

• Freckles

• Acanthosis nigricans

• Deep dermal pigmentation

• Use of wrong cosmetic products

• Post trauma or injury

• Post acne eruptions

• Hereditary

• Drug induced

It is important to diagnose the underlying cause and treat pigmentary conditions with great caution as they do have tendencies to flare and worsen. 


Medical solutions
Chemical peels
Antioxidant Enzyme Treatment
BIOLIGHT miracle treatment By Repechage
Lacto Flora Peel treatment By PEVONIA
Microneedling with personalised cocktails of serums
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