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                          MICRONEEDLING RADIOFREQUENCY


Microneedling radiofrequrncy is a technique in which radiofrequency energy is imparted to the undrlying tissues through the microneedles enhancing the production of the new collagen and bringing out skin tightening, along with alleviating the scars.

This treatment primarily aims at improving the skin texture and tone along with decreasing the fine lines wrinkles scars that maybe present due to acne or any other injury or trauma, also stretch marks can be greatly reduced by this. This treatment primarily works on the principle of collagen remodelling by the process of controlled injury. It provides direct heat, both to the epidermis and the dermis with precise depth control, minimising the chances of side effects and down time.


1. Treats fine lines and wrinkles

2.Uneven skin tone

3.Scars of any nature:acne or any post injury scar

4.Stretch marks

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