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Oxybrasion Treatment


How do Oxyjet treatments work ?

It is a known fact that oxygen is essential for life. With time , age, environmental factors the skin loses adequate supply of oxygen and thus the skin looks dehydrated and wrinkled along with pigmentation related changes. 

We use pressurized 98% oxygen in order to deliver it in its purest form to the cells and the underlying tissues to rejuvenate the skin and bring a youthful shine and glow to your skin.The serums and the actives like kojic acid, vit c , vit a, ferrulic acid , arbutin etc are sent to the deeper layers of the skin to act and bring about great results.This also stimulates production of collagen thereby reversing the signs of aging .

How is the treatment performed?

The pulsed oxygen pressure is supplied to the facial skin so as to invigorate cellular components. Highly specialized formulations and oxygen penetrate the deepest of dermal layers because of high pulsed pressure. This leads to reduction of impurities. The oxygen energizes the skin and acts on revitalization. The treatment is customized and diamond polishing, exfoliation or circulation techniques are added as per individual client’s requirements. The skin is rejuvenated and has a youthful radiance. Face looks fresh, young and healthy with a glow. 

Which conditions can be helped with this ?

  • Skin changes related to ageing.
  • Pigmentation related issues.
  • Atrophy of skin.
  • Acne related skin conditions.
  • Scars.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines. 

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