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The most effective IN BODY form of Glutathione


Akosma advanced emo-fizz sticks is an innovative fizzy drink mix made with Emothion® and Purple™ Blend, a proprietary blend of berries with potent Anti-oxidant activity.



Advanced Emo-Fizz Sticks

  • Emothion®

    • Emothion® is the most effective IN BODY form of S-Acetyl Glutathione

    • It is a patented, orally stable and crystalline form of Glutathione

    • Enhanced bio-availability and faster action

    Purple Blend™

    • An innovative blend of natural berries with high ORAC value

    A Multitude of Benefits

    • Improves skin health-whitening

    • Anti-oxidant

    • Liver detoxification

    • Immune system

    • Sport nutrition

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