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  • Glenmark Episoft AC is a non-comedogenic moisturiser that feels light, is non-greasy and is safe for everyday use. It does not leave any white cast on the skin and makes your skin look well hydrated.
  • It is enriched with SPF 30+ that provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. It is safe to be used on oily skin for both men and women. Use it every day for better results.
  • It has anti-hyperpigmentation properties that help in lessening pigmentation, fade melanin creation, help even out skin tone and give your skin a radiating glow.
  • Glenmark Episoft AC moisturiser is specially formulated for acne-prone skin and helps in overcoming dryness and pigmentation associated with acne. It makes your acne treatment journey convenient and comfortable.
  • This moisturiser with microencapsulated sunscreen helps protect the pores from getting blocked. It is safe to be used by early teenage and adolescent groups and young adults.

Glenmark Episoft AC Moisturizer with Sunscreen, SPF 30+ | For Men and Women, 75


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