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4-6 months ahead

Body and facial hair – Painless Laser Hair Reduction

Acne scar, rejuvenation, age spots/sun spots – Derma roller, Chemical peels, Vampire facials

Inch loss and body shaping –  Ultrasonic Lipolysis, RF toning

Blemishes and pigmentation- Microneedling and Retinoid peels

Dandruff, dry lusterless hair and hair fall – Hair Loss treatment, Oxy treatment for hair, PRP


1 to 2 Months before the wedding

Permanent hair removal can be started which can be contd. after the wedding.

Open pores and blackheads can be treated by a pore cleansing facial

Skin tightening - RF toning

Booking a make-up artist and make-up advice

2 to 4 weeks ahead

Now is the time for the radiance and glow treatments to be started along with paying attention to the following concersn


Skin tightening, lines and wrinkles – Non Surgical Skin Tightening with RF or Ultrasound mesofacial

Skin rejuvenation, opulence, glow and radiance – OxyFacial – a pure oxygen infusion into the skin with serums                    containing vitamins, skin polishing, chemical peels

Fine lines, wrinkles, face contouring – Botox for a youthful look

Uneven Tone & Texture – Skin Polishing, Mesotherapy, Gel peels


2-3 days before the Big Day

Just before the functions and while they go on at nights for the instant results, glow and radiance


Late night /Less sleep- OxygenFacial, Non Surgical Skin Tightening,

For a glow or dry skin – hydration facials, Skin polishing, Ultrasonic Cavitation

Active lesions with spot treatments – cortisone injection


What to carry on your honey moon – A customized honeymoon product kit to continue the flawless look

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